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FAQ for attendees for ARCE Virtual Meeting 2021

Please feel free to join the New Students and Attendees welcome session at 9 AM EDT on Thursday, April 22, which is designed for first-time attendees, but will also provide answers to many of your questions.

How do I access the Virtual Annual Meeting (VAM)?
All registered participants will receive an email from ARCE containing a link that asks you to log in to the Virtual Annual Meeting platform (OpenWater) using the email address you used to register for the Virtual Annual Meeting. To join the sessions, simply log in, navigate to the Sessions tab, scroll to the date, then time and session you are interested in attending, and click Join Now. If you are joining early, you will be placed in a waiting room until the session begins.  If you need to register during one of the days of the meeting, you must contact us at VAM2021Help@arce.org for access to the meeting.  Please be sure to visit the Sponsors tab as well, to learn more about our generous sponsors of this year’s Virtual Annual Meeting:  National Geographic, AUC Press, Casemate, Hands Along the Nile, ISD, and The Scholar’s Choice.

What browser do I use?
The preferred browser is Google Chrome, which can be downloaded to your computer by clicking here.

Do I need to have a Zoom Account to watch or participate?
Yes. You can access all features with a free or paid Zoom Account. You can download the free version by clicking here

Who do I contact if I need assistance?
You may contact ARCE staff at any time by emailing us here: VAM2021Help@arce.org During the days of the conference, live assistance for technical issues (e.g. if you have difficulty joining a session or using the Zoom video, audio or chat settings) is available starting 30 minutes before the first session of each day, and until the end of each day, by clicking on the Live Help button at the bottom right of every page.

What time zone will the event be in?
The time listed on our ARCE website, VAM website and all other official materials are all in US Eastern Time. However, you can adjust the setting on your VAM platform to display to a different time zone, just click the Change link at the top of the Sessions page.

I registered but I never received an email. What do I do?
Please contact ARCE staff at VAM2021Help@arce.org and we will help you get registered

How do I ask a question during a paper session?
Click on the Chat icon at the bottom of the Zoom screen and send your question to everyone, or a specific person/the presenter—be sure to check to whom you are sending it though, before sending, unless you don’t mind if everyone in that room sees it!

How do I use the continuous Networking Chat function?
During the VAM, we are proud to be able to offer a continuous Networking Chat that will be open during the four days of the VAM.  This is not to be confused with the chat function available during the individual paper sessions. To access the Networking Chat, click on the Launch Chat button in the top right corner of your screen to launch this continuous chat, and network with your colleagues in a variety of curated discussion threads! The Networking Chat is available for up to one year, so you can keep the conversation going after the 2021 VAM ends.

I want to watch a session again or watch a session I missed. Will sessions be available on-demand?
Sessions are recorded automatically, and the content becomes available on the VAM platform as soon as it is processed, usually by the end of that day. Replays are available and complimentary for up to one year. Simply return to the meeting platform, log in with your email, go to the Sessions tab and click on the session(s) you want to replay. Replays are unlimited!

Can I record sessions for my own use?
No, participant recording of sessions is not permitted.

Can I view and participate in the conference from my mobile phone?
We recommend against using your mobile phone to attend the virtual conference, as you will have much better results from a laptop or desktop.

Can I share my registration details with colleagues?
No, only one person per registration can participate at a time.

Can people see or hear me watching the meeting?
No, although the paper and plenary sessions will all be recorded for later complimentary and unlimited replay, the recording does not record an image of the chat, and all participants’ cameras will be unable to be opened during paper sessions (your Zoom screen name might show in some views, though we will set the presenter screen to Speaker View so that this should be prevented).  Participant audio will also be set to Mute in paper sessions. In some plenary sessions however, such as the Welcome Session or Fellowship Session, participants will be able to ask questions and start their cameras, so will be recorded.

Do I have to stay online for the whole meeting?
No, you may enter and leave as you wish.

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