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Welcome to the ARCE 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting!

April 22-25, 2021

9:00 AM US Eastern Time to 5:00 PM US Eastern Time each day

The ARCE 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting provides a unique opportunity for scholars, students, ARCE members, and the general public to hear from and engage directly with those working in the field. This year, each of the four consecutive days is divided into three concurrent speaker sessions, where scholars and expedition leaders present their research findings and discuss the latest developments in their projects. Speaker sessions begin on the morning of April 22 (Thursday) and end in the afternoon of April 25 (Sunday). View our tentative schedule here: Sessions, as well as the Abstract Booklet.

The ARCE 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting features over 100 individual presentations, plus a keynote presentation sponsored by National Geographic, presented by Dr. Ramadan Hussein discussing,"Of Masks and Mummies: The Discovery of a Saite-Persian Mummification Complex" (access to the keynote is included with the registration fee, a portion of which will be directed towards the Chapter Councils).

Most sessions for the Virtual Annual Meeting will be recorded. Registration includes free and unlimited access to replay all recordings for one year, and replays will be made available at the conclusion of each day of the Virtual Annual Meeting.

We hope you enjoy this interactive, educational, virtual presentation of our 2021 ARCE Annual Meeting, and we look forward to being together again next year in Irvine, CA at the 2022 Annual Meeting!

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Student Access Council

The ARCE Student Access Council is a group of individuals committed to supporting student access and fostering talent through student participation in the

ARCE 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting.

Many thanks to our inaugural members of the 2021 Student Access Council:

 Paige Brevick * David Brügger * Denise Doxey * Rita Freed * Sue Huffman * Fatma Ismail 

Janet Johnson *  Sid Kitchel * John Medveckis * Ann Mulla * Noor Family Foundation  

Nick Picardo * Adam Sabra * Ed Snow * Matt Zolman 

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